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The big challenge for location based advertisement is reaching critical volume for campaigns. Mojn provides advertisers with a platform that allows larger campaigns to run on wide locations while small campaigns can be run down to a single venue and to the extreme to a specific area of the venue.
Large advertisers and media placement bureaus can when our advertisement module is launched access the Mojn Platform via XML interface and/or upload modules. Please Contact us for more details.

Small advertisers can access and design a campaign via the Mojn Control cloud interface. We will link to the control panel from this site when the advertisement module is launched.

For both it is possible to specify age, gender, nationality/language, time and locations when specifying a target group. If the campaign includes a coupon or voucher Mojn can further collect a single question poll answer and associate that to the user as we can request the user to answer the poll to access the value adding voucher or coupon.

Venues have free access to user segment data collected on their own premises, but these are not associated to any email or phone number.

Campaigns are priced based on a small initial fee plus per impression model. Segmentation breakdown on listeners to a campaign can also be purchased after a campaign has ended..

Please contact us for pricing information at