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Mojn and advertisement goes hand in hand, but we are very focused on making the Mojn experience a good experience for the end user and to do so we take control over the advertisement management to make sure that users are not flooded with advertisement and that advertisement is limited to what we from user feedback know is acceptable.
When we play back advertisement we know that we have the attention of the users so to avoid nuisance we do not adjust the audio normalization for the advertisement.

We know our users, through preferences and information provided by the users, such as age, gender language. We also know what the user is doing when we push the advertisement and his or her location, so we can target advertisement very precisely

We can play back advertisement at time intervals or at natural breaks in the audio depending on the venue and its setup.

Mojn audio advertisement can be enhanced with meta-data, which are discretely pushed to the Mojn phone app for access by the user if desired. Such meta-data can be internet URL’s, coupons and vouchers, maps, etc, with a call to action. These features make it much easier for advertisers to measure the effect of the advertisement compared to conventional radio advertisement, and for coupons it is possible to track sales conversion.