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With Mojn we strive to help venues in a number of target segments to improve the audio experience of their users in a cost efficient way. Our platforms create great benefit at both small individual venues and at large infrastructure venues as we work with our customers in different ways depending on the need and requirements for customization and the complexity of its current Audio visual infrastructure and/or customer communication requirements.

While the small bar with a few TV screens on the wall, requiring screen audio to be routed to users smartphones, can install and configure the system in a few minutes, larger operators such as airports with hundreds of screens and specific push audio and special service requirements are in need of significant attention in the design and implementation phases..

As we are still in our relative early stages we do most projects in-house but we are building our partner network globally to make sure that local requirements and needs can be attended to.

When a venue has installed our platform we continue our partnership with the venue. We make our money by maintaining access to a small fraction of airtime on our platform, which we use to push advertisement and other content on which we make an earning. For the individual venue it is neglectable but for us having access to the whole network it makes sense and helps us run, develop and maintain a cloud based content management platform that makes the life of venue managers even more easy and give the user a smooth and individual audio experience at a low maintenance cost for the venue.

The Mojn Platform allows for a number of customizations that will be depending on the individual venue’s requirements and existing infrastructure. Some of the requirements can be meet with standard components from our product range others require specialized customization. As communication and audio experts with focus on virtualization and augmentation, we keep the dialogue with venues at a non-technical level. We cannot make your venue float 10 meters up in the air waving to the beat of the music you are playing (yet!) but we can accommodate almost any requirement when it comes to audio communication via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth utilizing the strength of our platform.

We do require on-site installation on most projects. You may ask why? The answer is all about latency and usability. Pinpointing a location down to 10 meter outside is relatively easy using GPS but the moment we move inside GPS loose it’s strength and we do not want venues at close proximity to create confusion on playlists.

At the same time our on-site infrastructure helps us keep latency at a low. Latency is the delay that is caused by the system. in delivering the audio signal from the source to the users ear. Each time a signal is routed through the internet it get delayed. we are not talking minutes but a second or two is not abnormal using conventional Internet protocols and media players. To secure lip synched audio with e.g. an external video screen or to avoid echoing at live events, the Mojn platform utilises proprietary technology that allows us to process, transmit and play back audio for the uses at a very low latency measured in milliseconds, hereby making it a pleasant experience for the users.