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Mojn utilizes a simply designed, easy to use smartphone app as main user interface. Users are provided with a constantly updated list of audio sources in proximity via the Mojn app. The list is ranked and ordered based on the user profile and preferences. It is the same app that is used across all venues. Each venue can customize the apps look via a Skin as well as run local customized services.

Playback is started with a single click or can be automated via subscription rules. if a user subscribes to a screen, a TV channel or a specific program, he or she will be notified next time in proximity to any of the selections, or if desired playback can start automatically..

The number of channels and simultaneous users are unlimited and in addition it is possible to run specific audio services. The platform creates tailor made audio for the individual user

Venue requirements: Depending on the venue and requirements it is required to create a local infrastructure based on Wi-Fi, Media-servers and/or our Mojn Relays and Proxi. Contents management is based on our cloud based internet management platform; Mojn Control.

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