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On-board entertainment (IFE) is going wireless and today several suppliers offer some powerful entertainment solutions pushing content to passengers smartphones, tablets or computers.

Back seat screens are still a standard in many long haul flights but for short and medium haul in-flight entertainment are still limited often with a number of overhead screens, with audio accessible via seat cable outlets or no audio at all.

Mojn is a cheaper alternative to the expensive wireless solutions be used to push radio content to passengers on demand as well as audio enhance the overhead screens, without the need of handing out headsets to passengers, an exercise that is both costly and time consuming for the crew.

Working on the existing WI-FI infrastructure on the plane Mojn works in connection with full wireless IFE systems.

Users can listen to: Operators can:
  • Pushed service announcements
  • Access on-board radio channels
  • Access audio enhancing overhead displays
  • Reduce / avoid wear and tear on seat connectors and handed out equipment
  • reduce time and resources in connection with distribution/collection of headsets
  • Minimize noise and nuisance