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Airports with its high screen density combined with high volume of information craving passengers of which close to 2/3 are equipped with a smart phone can benefit greatly from Mojn.

With an average passenger spending more than two hours in the departing and arrival airports per flight, and most of this time in queuing or waiting situations airports can benefit greatly from providing passengers with the right mix of information, entertainment and advertisement.

Audio enhanced video screens and loudspeakers are  in conventional settings difficult to use due to noise and nuisance concerns and are hence limiting operators ability to create a clear communication with passengers.

Mojn help the airports provide passengers with a clear audio, when desired without creating nuisance to surrounding passengers, in  a number of airport scenarios:

  • Check-in
  • Immigration
  • Security
  • Lounges
  • Shopping
  • Waiting and gate areas
  • Baggage claim
  • Arrival areas
Travellers can listen to: Operators can:
  • Audio enhancing information, entertainment and advertisement screens
  • Pushed service anouncements and audio from subscribed services
  • Improve value of existing video content and advertisment
  • Entertain and educate passengers with audio on the go.
  • Create a clear and direct communication channel with travellers
  • Minimize noise and nuisance.
  • improve travelers movements from checkin to gate via location based audio guidance