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It is not uncommon that Bars today are equipped with audio visual equipment to cater for guests while eating and drinking. Many Bars have a TV set in the corner showing news, dramas or sports but Audio when turned on can often create nuisance, and if its turned off the content might have very little value.

In sports bars The AV experience has been put in the center and often several screens are showing multiple events but Audio is kept on a main event or in seat or in table speakers provide the audio desired. Such solutions are quite expensive to establish due to cabling and audio from multiple sources can create noise and nuisance due to interference.

Mojn can help Bars and Sports Bars cater for the minority of customers who are interested in following the Screen while drinking or those following a minor game or event, without creating nuisance for the remaining guests and venues can avoid putting staffs in the dilemma to turn on volume or change channel to satisfy some guests while knowing that other guests may be annoyed.

Customers can listen to Operators can
  • Clear TV audio without creating nuisance
  • The Screen audio at their choise
  • Service messages and promotions
  • The menu being read up loud (to assist visually imparied)
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Improve audio scene and guest experience
  • Cater for minorities with desire for TV audio