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Being a typical waiting and Queuing venue, Bus-stops are gaining constant attention from advertisers and media providers. Video screens are slowly being implemented in bus-stops across urban centers all over the globe and being used to push advertisement, entertainment and information.

Mojn can easily enhance video contents being pushed on screens without creating noise and nuisance and audio streams can easily be combined with audio versions of existing services such as bus arrival information.

For advertisers Mojn can further be used to track active users based on segmentation adding value to existing advertisement beyond simple audio augmentation.

For nearby vendors Mojn is an obvious platform to push local audio advertisements between value adding audio feeds.

Passengers can listen to Operators can
  • TV audio in busses
  • Relevant media or TV audio in bus stops
  • Audio guides informing about point of interest along the route
  • schedules
  • bus progress
  • service messages
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Entertain passengers individually
  • Reduce noise and nuisance