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In churches, mosques and similar places of worship, providing the right atmosphere as well as clearly communicating the religious messages are important attributes.

With Mojn any place of worship can provide audio enhancements such as interpretation, looping of the audio for hearing impaired or providing visitors with facts and information to its followers.

In historic buildings where cabling is difficult Mojn provide a simple wireless solution that can easily be accessed by users via their own equipment.

Psalms and other texts can be pushed to the smartphones as meta data reducing wear and tear on books.

Users can listen to: Operators can:
  • Interpretatrion of ceremonies etc
  • Facts and information about the place of worship
  • Original audio enhanced to improve the listening experience for hearing impaired (Loop functionality)
  • Provide multilingual audio durring ceremonies etc
  • provide a more exiting experience for visitors via on demand audio tours
  • Reduce / avoid wear and tear
  • Minimize noise and nuisance