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cruise ships

Cruise ships can obviously benefit from Mojn as they are combining a number of the targeted market segments getting value add from Mojn. At the same time cruise ships often cater for guests from multiple countries, which can easily be catered for in their preferred language via the Mojn platform.

Being a collective of restaurants, bars, sports and leisure facilities as well as a floating hotel, cruise ships create the perfect platform for realizing strong synergies from Mojn.

With a single Mobile app guests can obtain targeted information based on situation, venue and user preferences making the cruise a pleasant ride despite the high density of people in limited space.

Guests can listen to Operators Can
  • TV and display audio when desired
  • Information of tours, shows and activities
  • Interpretation at events
  • Ship specific radiostations
  • Information of nearby¬†¬† land marks
  • Service anouncements
  • Personal pages from crew
  • Communicate easy with passengers
  • Promote events etc
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in