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Exhibitions is all about getting close to the visitors and getting attention. Often exhibitors are confined to small booths and stalls and the visiting crowd can be difficult to give the appropriate attention. Video is a perfect way to communicate with visitors via overhead screens but without Audio communication is seriously limited and Audio is often difficult to use due to noise and nuisance as the competition for attention of visitors can cause a yelling competition between exhibitors.

Mojn offer exhibitions and exhibitors a simple and lean solution offering visitors screen, speaker and event audio on demand and via opt in without creating nuisance and noise. It is further possible to enhance current single language communication with multilingual audio, hereby getting a better communication with the visitors.

Users can listen to: Operators can:
  • Pushed service anouncements
  • Access audio enhanced displays, booths and demonstrations
  • Reduce / avoid wear and tear
  • Enable participants to create clear communication
  • Minimize noise and nuisance