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Fitness centre

Fitness Centers can gain great value by utilizing Mojn rather than existing wireless solutions from established players providing audio to overhead infotainment and TV screens.

The cost associated with installing a main stream system is typically 500 USD per Screen for transmitting equipment and 200 USD per receiver, of which a centre need one receiver per fitness machine. This combined with the fact that the receivers are subject to significant wear and tear, and hence maintenance and that the users can not use them on floor areas and in some machines makes Mojn an obvious alternative.

Mojn provide an upfront saving to fitness centers, low maintenance as users uses their own equipment and Mojn can further via services be enhance to provide fitness center visitors with special services such as audio training programs and playback of music in beats matching desired motion rates.

Users can listen to Operators can
  • TV audio on multiple screens without creating nuisance
  • Relevant work out programmes
  • Relevant service announcements
  • Music channels with specific beats rates to support trining pace
  • Reduce / avoid wear and tear
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Entertain users individually
  • Reduce noise and nuisance