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Hotels and resortsĀ are often comprised of a multiple of F&B facilities combined with public and semi-public areas such as lobby, check in, pool, garden etc.

Each sub-venue can gain benefit from using Mojn to improve the general noise level and in waiting situations Mojn can be used to entertain and inform guests about facilities, events and happenings onsite or in the area. In The lobby areas visitors can enjoy television without creating noise in the often acoustic challenged areas.

Mojn can even be used in room to allow one guest out of a couple or more to get tv audio while the other is sleeping.

Guests can listen to Operators can
  • Screen audio as entertainment when queuing
  • TV and Screen audio at restaurants, lounges and outlets
  • Tourist specific information on demand
  • Local transport and departingĀ  information
  • Communicate efficiently with the guests
  • Improve audio scene and guest experience
  • Cater for minorities with desire for TV audio at restaurants, bars etc.