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Many museums already today offer guided audio tours, via handed out audio equipment combined with a trigger of some kind. The trigger is either based on location, proximity, timer or simply a manual push by the user.

Some museums also develop specific apps for exhibitions spending many resources on generating basic functionality on the app rather than focusing on content of which audio is the most appropriate in many situations as visitors in most cases uses their visual senses to look at art or artifacts.

Mojn offers museums a minimal wear and tear solution that can be easily adjusted to suit changing exhibitions and that via the Mojn Control Cloud interface is easy to adjust to changing exhibitions and events.

Visitors can listen to Operators can
  • Detailed information about Artifacts, art and objects in prefered language
  • Guided tours around the facility
  • Get info of upcomming exhibitions, events based on preferences
  • Get interpretation of speaks durring events
  • Currated audio as part of the exhibition
  • Reduce / avoid wear and tear
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Communicate efficiently with the audience