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From the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, to the Statue of Liberty in New York, each sightseeing spot has multiple stories to tell. From the historical fact to the stories and legends surrounding the venue or monument, its all about storytelling and creating an experience that go  beyond just taking a look passing by.

For venue operators, tourist organisations, local municipalities and governments, Mojn can be used as a channel to tell these stories to visiting tourist and local citizens alike using a common platform.

Instead of creating a multiplicity of apps for smartphones Mojn, potentially enhanced with a service, can allow operators and organisations to focus on content creation making sure the story is told in a compelling way.  Via Sponsor ships and advertisement venues can further generate additional income and use the platform to channel visitors to events, exhibitions in an easy and dynamic way.

Users can listen to Operators can
  • Detailed information about point of interest in prefered language
    • Historical
    • Mythical
    • Practical
  • Information about access and prices
  • Directions and automated tour guides
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Communicate efficiently with the audience
  • Promote venues and events