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Sport events, such as motor sport events, bicycle races, soccer or baseball matches, on stadiums or at temporary locations can benefit from Mojn as a communication platform for spectators and fans. From audio guides to audio enhancement of large screens in multiple languages Mojn can easily be accessed by users, who can opt in to audio, fulfilling specific interests and needs.

For the organizers, catering for spectators on an individual level, can be useful to attract and maintain minority groups that would otherwise not take part due to language barriers, specific interests etc.

Mojn, can further be used to guide crowds before and after the events, via automated audio guidance based on spectators individual location.

Spectators can listen to Operators can
  • Audio guides
  • Language specific commentary
  • Multilevel commentary
    • Player specific
    • Tactical
    • Technical
  • Screen audio when queuing or during the event
  • information of upcomming  events and games
  • Reduce / avoid wear and tear as well of the hassle of handing out portable equipment
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Communicate efficiently with the audience
  • Direct fan flows