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train station

Train stations are, as a transportation hub, venues that need to cater for departing, arriving and transiting passengers, each with specific information requirements, as well as visitors, who use the station as meeting place, due to its convenience.

Most Stations comprise of a number of commercial outlets and restaurants besides the obvious ticket sales points, information counters and screens not to mention waiting areas.

With Mojn Stations, often characterized with less than optimal acoustics, and other commercial operators on the venue can cater for passengers with individual and optional audio, providing relevant travel information, entertainment in waiting situations and point of sales advertisement in an optimal mix, without creating noise or nuisance.

Passengers can listen to Operators can
  • TV audio on video displays
  • Audio guides informing about point of interest in the area
  • Individual schedules and service messages
  • Arriving trains
  • Relevant transit information
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Entertain passengers
  • Reduce noise and nuisance