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Initially designed for on-board installation in commuter trains with overhead screens, Mojn is the easy installation, easy to implement, easy to operate solution for many operators.

If Operators already provide Wi-Fi in the trains Mojn is simply added on to the existing infrastructure and allows passengers to opt in to audio on their preferred overhead screen.

The Mojn platform however  also provide the operator an opportunity to push individual audio channels ranging from simple local radio stations to location based services about stations and venues along the track.

Individual services that can be subscribed to by passengers, e.g. to notify when o get off the train prior to arrival can easily be integrated.

Passengers can listen to Operators can
  • TV audio on the train
  • Audio guides informing about point of interest along the route
  • Individual schedules
  • Train progress
  • Individual service messages
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Entertain passengers
  • Reduce noise and nuisance
  • Improve general internet performance