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Zoological gardens can benefit greatly from Mojn by using the platform to engage in dialogue with the individual visitors based on location, i.e. proximity to individual animals, and individual language preferences.

dissemination of information about the individual animal, its natural habitat as well as its current enclosure can be delivered on demand while live shows, feedings and other relevant visitor information can be delivered as Broadcast.

Visitors can next to the Audio streams have pushed metadata with additional information about the animal from online sources.

Visitors can listen to Operators can
  • Detailed information about animals on demand in prefered language
  • Guided tours around the park
  • Get info of upcomming feedings and shows based on location
  • Get translations of shows etc
  • Listen to the animals up close
  • Reduce / avoid wear and tear
  • Push relevant information on demand or via opt in
  • Communicate efficiently with the audience